Compliance Features For A&D Book

Compliance Features For ATF4473
  • Separate process and data for each FFL
  • ATF4473 Section A Pass/Fail Indication and Restrictions
  • Restrictions based on Status of Background Check
  • Login determines FFL status and store location
  • If implemented in the Cloud all data will be backed up daily.
  • Electronic signature capture and binding of the data to the signature
  • Backup/Restore and Disaster Recovery

Electronic ATF4473 and A&D Book

Availability of entire updated software suite is June, 2023.

This program is not available for Point of Contact States.

  • Automatic generation of Acquisition Data upon entry into Inventory
  • Automatic generation of Disposition Data upon transfer of firearm
  • Separate A&D Book for each FFL
  • A&D Book is current after each Acquisition or Disposition Transaction

Compliance Statement For A&D Book And Form ATF4473

Currently, neither the ATF nor FBI provide approval of software used to provide partial or full compliance to firearms regulations.

The software described herein has been designed and tested to the requirements stated in ATF Rul. 2016-1 (Electronic A&D Book), ATF Rul. 2016-2 (Electronic ATF4473 but printed forms)  and ATF Rul. 2022-01 (fulling electronic) The FFL can stop at the 2016-2 level or go to the fully electronic 2022-01 level with automatic attachment of ATF3310.4, etc. to the ATF4473 PDF.